About the Games

The Urban Clash Games has been a fantastic corporate wellness and team building opportunity for Portland-area businesses between 2015 - 2017. We have been able to raise more than $70k for local charities and schools during this time.  This has been down to the great partnership with Oregon Sports Authority. 
In 2018 we will be taking a pause from fund raising and moving to the UK.
We are finalizing details for this years Disc Golf and Karting will return on Presidents Day in 2019 at SyKart.

Sam Oatley:  Founder of the Urban Clash Games


The Oregon Sports Authority has served as the state’s sports economic development arm for more than two decades, injecting more than $200 million into Oregon’s economy through sports tourism. Supported by more than 150 annual members, the non-profit organization works relentlessly to enhance the state’s economy and quality of life by attracting sports events and franchises.  In 2015 Oregon Sports Authority helped set up the Urban Clash Games.